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Customized Programs to fit your body and your specific goals

Do you need a fresh perspective on your exercise routine or just simply don't know where to begin? You've found the right place! One on one personal training gives you the opportunity to work out with a professional safely and efficiently. You will receive programming that is based on your specific goals and physical needs, and your programs will be progressed based on scientific research. 


What you WILL NOT receive here is a run of the mill training program or 'one size fits all' programming. You will be treated as an individual and assessed in our first session together to figure out where we need to correct any muscular imbalances that may be present from everyday posture, occupation, or as a result of injury. 

Personal training at Laughing Hearts is enjoyable, positive, uplifting, and goal specific. You will work out one on one with Cheryl Natusch who has over ten years of industry experience, holds a Masters degree in Exercise Science and Wellness Promotion, and has an extensive list of continuing education credentials and certifications. Cheryl never stops learning things and stays up to date on the scientific research in fitness and movement. 

Our studio is fully equipped with everything you need to get a well rounded workout. Schedule your first appointment today and come experience true professionalism! 



“I met Cheryl in 2017 and have never found a trainer or yoga instructor that can match her skill and dedication. She's so well-educated and well-rounded and always manages to bring fun and laughter to every workout.  She makes a point to know your body and to know YOU as a person, to match your lifestyle and goals.  Since the pandemic, I haven't felt comfortable going back to the regular gym (I have a PhD and studied viruses so I don't mess around), and she opened up at the perfect time.  The personal experience and attention to cleanliness/containment have given me extra peace of mind. She's doing an excellent job managing a fitness business under extraordinary circumstances- zoom options for all classes, temp checks, mask wearing, and limited in-person class sizes.  All of this and the studio still manages to be the most warm and inviting workout space I've ever visited.  All of her instructors are also top-notch in their expertise. Your one-stop-shop for personal training, Vinyasa, Buti yoga, dance workouts, and even steel mace! “ - JW

"I met Cheryl about 4 years ago when i began personal training with her. She is one of the funniest, most loving people i know. I HATE exercising but do it because i know i should. And she is the only person I’ve ever met who actually makes me excited to exercise! I laugh the whole time and sweat like crazy. Her studio is clean, lovely and freshly appointed. She gives practical exercises that keeps you moving and growing. The mood of this studio is incredibly positive. Everyone is warm and caring. I’ve met wonderful people and have the most fun there. The equipment and studio is immaculately clean. I love this place and can not recommend it highly enough." -MM

"For years I’ve been apprehensive about working with a personal trainer.  I assumed I could teach

myself how to lift weights. Admittedly, I was wrong! Since our first session, Cheryl has kept my safety as her number one priority. Not only does she follow all of the COVID-19 guidelines with cleaning protocols and masks, but she ensures that I’m not aggravating old injuries or creating new ones. I can feel myself getting stronger without being wicked sore after each session. She’s never given me a workout that she hasn’t done herself - I respect that!  Cheryl is motivating, attentive and a sheer pleasure to be around." -NT

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