Meet The Team

Nicole Capanna

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Nicole's yoga journey started as she was preparing to take a board exam to become a physical therapist in 2015. As a dancer growing up, Nicole found it hard as an adult to find an avenue to express herself through breath and movement until she found yoga. She bought a beginner class package at a local yoga studio and hasn't looked back since. Her practice evolved from a beginners class to trialing many different styles with an open heart and mind. In August 2019, Nicole trained with LoveYourBrain and became a certified instructor with their organization. LoveYourBrain focuses on yoga for the traumatic brain injury population. Her call to becoming a yoga instructor immediately followed and she jumped headfirst into a 200-hour YTT program with Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia and graduated in March 2020. Nicole is very excited to offer an all-levels vinyasa class focusing on breath, strength, movement, and a touch of laughter. Nicole is beyond excited to share her yoga journey with the students of  Laughing Hearts. This path has become incredibly sacred and spiritual for her and it is her honor to be a part of your yoga journey. 

Kyle Capanna

Steel Mace Flow Coach

Kyle is a Level 1 certified Steel Mace Flow Coach. He’s been involved with Steel Mace Flow since February of 2019. 


Being a relatively new modality for movement he wanted to get involved early, so he jumped in headfirst. 

Kyle was drawn to the mace for its ability to not only be an invaluable fitness tool, but also a creative outlet. 

Having a passion for music, acting, writing, and many other creative endeavors drew him to the mace immediately. 

In the mace he was able to express himself through movement using all of his creative passions. 

Using his black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Combat Hapkido Kyle has adapted a combat and fitness oriented take on HIIT workouts using the fundamentals of Steel Mace Flow. 


Kyle is so excited to embark on this journey at Laughing Hearts and can’t wait to introduce people to the art of mace. 

Look for Kyle's 5 week series on the schedule as a special event! 

Gabriella Tilelli 

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

California-dreaming, music-loving yogi, Gabriella is a passionate new Vinyasa Yoga teacher at Laughing Hearts! Gabriella has been practicing yoga for 5 years and is certified through Dhyana Yoga. She loves a mix of routine Ashtanga and creative Vinyasa flows. A hippie at heart, she loves traveling and being out in nature every chance she gets. Also a soon-to-be certified life coach, her classes offer a chance to examine the blocks that come up both on and off the mat through an inquisitive teaching style. Feel comfortable to express yourself in a judgement-free zone and get empowered with Gabriella ! 

Alisha Negron

Lioness Dance Initiative Creator/ Teacher

Alisha Negron is a Puerto Rican Leo Queen who has always had a passion for dancing.  She was a woman who needed to feel validated and be accepted by others.  Years of people pleasing, saying YES to everyone, and being too extra; left her feeling drained and empty inside.  She knew she had to change and to re-ignite her fire.  She was living in San Francisco at the time where she lost herself completely.  This all changed when she found a Zumba class at a nearby park.  That moment, she felt her passion re-ignite and 2 months later she became a Zumba Instructor.  After teaching Zumba for 4 years, she decided it was time to step into her own power. She broke down the layers of false beliefs and remembered that she was the light.  She deserved to shine and say YES to herself.  This is when her journey of creating Lioness Dance Initiative came about.  With her years of self-discovery, she believes that she can help you re-ignite your fire and to become the QUEEN you were always meant to be. She is ready to help you dance like the wild woman you truly are and embrace your inner lioness. Her mission is to create a space for all women who’ve never felt accepted, who lost themselves, to break down all the layers of false beliefs, and shine like the radiant lioness queen you were born to be! Dancing is the key to helping you ignite your inner LIONESS! In addition to helping woman dance wild, she also offers kids dance programs! She has always had a passion for working with kids and loves having a positive impact on them. She shares a true love for kids and wants to keep their child-like expression alive. Be on the lookout for upcoming kid dance party events!!

Cheryl Natusch

Owner, Teacher, Mama Bear

Laughing Hearts was a seed planted well over 15 years ago when Cheryl announced that owning a business was her destiny. She knew her purpose in this life was to create something new; something special and unique that is necessary for healing and connection. Laughing Hearts came to be after many years of climbing the mountain and overcoming numerous obstacles in order to build something she saw in her mind during deep meditation.


Cheryl is a graduate of California University of PA with a Masters degree in Exercise Science. She is a 200 hour RYT trained at the well known Dhyana Yoga studio in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia. She has also been teaching Buti Yoga for 3 years solid. She is a certified NASM personal trainer and NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist. She is also a certified Precision Nutrition level 1 nutrition coach and a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.

Cheryl greatly looks forward to holding space for all who walk through the doors of Laughing Hearts. It is an honor to the be the caretaker of this sacred container.  


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