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Do you dream of a full and strong backside?!? Look no further than a class developed specifically for training the largest and most powerful muscle in your body: the glutes! Not only can training the glutes give you an aesthetically pleasing physique, it also has a long list of physical benefits that can truly change the way you move and help to alleviate pain. Strong glutes equal less chance of injury, a decrease in lower back pain, and better performance in sport or in the gym. 

This class will address training the glutes as the primary target but because glute training isn't specific to just the glutes, you will also gain training in other major areas of the body. Other joint and body part specific movements will be incorporated into class giving you a well rounded training session. 

Glute magic is all levels. Everyone is invited! You can jump into class at any time. Each participant will get a quick assessment to discover any imbalances joint by joint in order to prevent injury. Glute magic is one hour. It starts with a mobility warm up, then splits into small groups working on a glute specific exercises set for set. Each week will we change up the variables, meaning we will change our load, reps, tempo, etc. in order to see growth and change. Every four weeks new exercises will be introduced to keep your training moving forward. All exercises are supervised and assistance will be given at all times. 

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STEEL MACE FLOW with Kyle Capann

Steel Mace Flow Originated by Leo Savage is a movement practice focusing on moving the body through space with in a creative way. The offset weight of the mace makes for a unique modality to build functional strength and mobility. 


Kyle will lead you in a group steel mace flow class teaching you the fundamentals of flow and how to move joint by joint with mace in hands. Steel Mace movement will be broken down and explained each class, and your ability to understand how to move with the mace will increase and build each week. 

Because steel mace is such a complex movement practice, Kyle's classes will be offered as a 5 weeks series only. Each five week series will break down the basic steel mace foundational movements to prepare you for flow. After the 5 week series is up, and a new cycle begins, Kyle will continue to built upon your foundations and bring you to the next level. This class is a paid series directly to Kyle and not to Laughing Hearts. Look for the series announcements on our schedule and on Social Media to secure your spot. Kyle is also available for private one on one steel mace training. 


Kyle has been Steel Mace Flow Level 1 certified since May of 2019. 

He adds his own unique style of combat and strength building movement for a fun, exciting way to move!


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The warrior within me recognizes and sees the warrior within you. Do you enjoy group fitness, strength style? This is an intermediate to advanced fitness level class that delivers a powerful hour of strength exercises circuit style. Exercises will address the entire body strengthening you from head to toe. Warrior heart will address mobility, endurance, strength,and stability each class. This will not be your run of the mill boot camp where important components are skipped because the masses want an ass kicking and we have no time to work on our foundations. We will  warm up properly the first 10 min of class and each participant will be given a brief assessment prior to class in order to prevent further injury. Please arrive 15 minutes early if you are brand new to class so that your assessment may be performed. Each week we will focus on different areas of body and change up the variables of class. Variety is the spice of life and warriors like to keep moving forward. 

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Are you brand new to exercise? Do you have a little experience but are reluctant to be in a group strength class out of intimidation? This is your class. A light hearted, fun, and beginner friendly strength & fitness class tailored for the reluctant exerciser. The use of bands, body weight, stability focused exercises, and dumbbells will create a solid foundation for those brand new to movement. This is a slower paced and more friendly class if you are nursing an injury or have specific physical needs. The Laughing Heart fitness class can help prepare you for the other classes at Laughing Hearts. Don't be surprised to find a cameo by our resident comedian Michelle, who has a special beach chair and umbrella set up just for her.  


Buti Yoga 

Buti Yoga is a unique and powerful movement practice like no other. Buti has been referred  to as the ‘soulmate workout’ because it is everything your body and mind needs wrapped up in a one hour class. The word Buti at its core is an Indian Marathi word which translated means, the cure to something hidden or kept secret. During our practice we shake things up and release stuck energy in order to go deeper within ourselves to find this cure from within. Buti is a deep practice in self love, self respect, feeling your personal power, harnessing your inner warrior, and awakening the Kundalini energy present within us all.



Buti can unite you to your center while challenging you mentally and physically. This practice encourages you to take a good hard look inside and truly pull out everything you have within you to face the challenge, to find a way to climb your personal mountain, and to tap back into your own power to make this translate to your life off the mat. In practice we dance, we pound our feet and hands to connect back to the earth and ground, we move in primal ways to remember at the core of us we are still a part of the natural world, we do strength & conditioning movements, we spiral our hips, and we move through dynamic yoga asana. Our Buti practice is a journey; a journey of self discovery and of taking the reins back on your own life. It is for everyone, every body type, every human being.

Classes are 60-75 min long and are for all levels. Please bring plenty of water and a towel to class, we sweat a lot. Modifications and a discussion of honoring your body in the moment are always available. 

Vinyasa Yoga 

Vinyasa is a yoga movement practice that links continuous movement and breath to achieve a state of flow and meditation. Vinyasa yoga includes sun salutations and flow in order to transition from one posture to the next in a meditative state. The body moves in concert with each inhalation and each exhalation bringing the student to a state of mediation and centered awareness. Vinyasa flow is as it suggests; a beautiful dance of postures with creative transitioning and movement.  All of our Vinyasa classes are all levels at Laughing Hearts. No matter what stage of your yoga practice you are in, our amazing Vinyasa teachers can accommodate you with modifications to change a pose or with options that challenge the mind and body for more seasoned yogis. No matter where you are on your journey, you belong here. Our teachers will welcome you with open arms and you will be a part of the community. 

****Due to COVID-19, props WILL NOT be offered at this time. If you feel you may need blocks, a strap, or any other prop to help you in practice, please consider purchasing one ahead of time and bringing your own. You will also need to bring your own mat for practice, mats will not be offered at this time either.

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 Lioness Dance Initiative  

Created by Alisha Negron


Lioness Dance Initiative was created by Alisha Negron and is a dance fitness program that is designed to let yourself feel free and sexy through various dance movements.  These powerful movements of body-rolling, hair-flipping, booty shaking, erotic hip movements, sensual dances, and twerking (to name a few) are all apart of letting go of the energy that holds you back from truly embracing your inner wild lioness!   Connecting the Lioness and Dance together will help you ignite your inner freedom and allow your unique dance style to flow as you desire.  The lioness teaches us the power of pride, strength, feminine energy, and courage. 


Alisha will lead various workshops that have been designed to have a focus on different key movements.  The workshops will bring you profound clarity, self-love, and will allow you to find your authentic voice.  Dancing is an embodiment of expressing one’s creativity. Not only will you feel confident, but you will build strength and balance in your body.  


You do not need to have a dance background to participate in the workshops.  Alisha will create a safe environment where she will lead you to ignite the fire within to find your inner lioness through simple steps. The simple steps will lead you to an all-out wild & free dance session. The beautiful part is that she will provide modifications to honor your body.  Take the initiative to unlock your freedom through dance and wear your CROWN proudly!  Remember you are FIERCE and be ready to unlock your ROAR!!!!


***The workshops are paid series directly to Alisha and not to Laughing Hearts.  Look for the workshop announcements on our schedule and on Social Media to secure your spot. Alisha is also available for private one on one dance sessions.


Alisha has been a dance fitness instructor since April of 2016. She is an energetic fireball who's ready to help you become a lioness dance queen!

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